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Tuesday, 18 October 2016



Rita from Badminton Scotland came to our school to do badminton session with us. At first she played games with us like around the world where you have to hit the shuttle and run round the court. Then we played small matches in groups of 4 and also learnt some positions and all the lines on the court.  Some people are going to represent the school at a competition on the 19th October.

                                 Rita and some pupils taking part



We had a visit from the SSPCA to tell us about the work that they do and share how we can be animal friendly citizens.


We have had a great harvest this year and we are looking forward to cooking with the vegetables in our kitchen.


RHET- Wheat


Sara from RHET came to help us harvest our wheat that we have been growing since March. First we had to cut the wheat then we put it in a pillow case and hit it against the wall. We then had to empty it out on to a white tray and drop it on to a blue tray to dry it.  We are looking forward to using the wheat to make our own bread. Dylan filmed the machine doing the same process on his farm so that we could see how it was done.

The Journey of Milk

The Journey of Milk



We have been learning about how you make ice cream and looking at ice experiments in science. We had a visit from Sarah a lady who used to work for Wiseman dairies. We got to dress up and she told us about the journey of milk.

Sam- The Farmer

All the different people involved in the Journey

The Chickens


On the 3rd of October (2016) some more chickens came to our school which were kindly given to us by Lorna Duff. We were given 5 more chickens putting us up to 8 altogether. If you would like to try some of the eggs they are available in the entrance hall of the school.



Every Tuesday afternoon our school is doing interact drama project that is run by the NHS. Ann-Marie is a drama worker and she is working with Miss Campbell to deliver it to us.  We play acting games and we also work in groups to do short mimes. We had to make up a story with a witch, a one legged giant and a bridge.

Drama games
Group work

Netball Tournament


On the 19/10/2016 the P5-7s are taking part in the McLaren netball tournament. This year there are four pupils from our school taking part, we are playing against other schools in the McLaren cluster.

Cricket Festival

On Wednesday the 5th October 2016 P4-7 went to a cricket festival at Callander Primary School. We did loads of activities and games like throwing a ball at a trampoline and then trying to catch it, continuous cricket and throwing a ball through the holes. Everyone really enjoyed themselves at the cricket.   


We are taking part in a four week block of Kodaly music. Mrs Kushing has been in school to work with us.

P1-4 taking part in their session

P5-7- Kodaly

Sound Start

Every Friday Mrs Moore and Mr Packer are coming into school to teach p4-7 music.  We got to choose an instrument that we would like to learn. The choices were from flute, saxophone, euphonium, trumpet, trombone, clarinet and percussion. We also played some fun games and we are really lucky because most schools don’t get the opportunity to do this. We will be having sound start all year.

New Pupils

We had 4 new p1 pupils join us in August.

Amy, Cameron, Esme and Toli

Friday, 24 June 2016

 Thank You

The sports committee would like to thank all the coaches, teachers and Claire Peebles for helping with our extra curricular clubs this year. We have has lots of opportunity to try different sports. We hope you continue to support us next year.

The Sports Committee

Thursday, 16 June 2016


A very big well do to Kirsty for receiving a silver medal at the recent learning community athletics event.  We had 9 pupils from school  attending the event at McLaren High.

Summer Golf Camp

Callander Golf Club: Summer Camp!
This summer we are holding our 3rd Annual ClubGolf Summer Camp! Week beginning Monday 4th July:
Monday - Thursday: 11am - 3pm...
(Lesson, lunch break and on-the-course lesson)
Friday Competition: 3pm followed by an award ceremony
Please bring a packed lunch for each day.

Payment required in advance of sessions!
Sign-up fees: £45
Early booking will allow us to plan coaching cover to suit the summer camp participants.
Any enquiries contact us on: 01877 330 090

Induction Days

Induction Days
On Thursday and Friday the 26th and 27th of May p7 had their inductions days to McLaren. They enjoyed having time in class and met some new friends.

Hockey Club

Hockey Club
On Wednesdays and Mondays P6-7 run a Hockey club for everyone in our school. We run the club at lunchtimes and you get to use a real hockey stick. You need to bring your PE kit and a water bottle because you might get hot  with the lovely weather we had.

Sport Committee


Cricket festival

Cricket Festival

On Tuesday  24th  May p4 and p5 went to Callander Primary to take part in a cricket festival. The primary 5s enjoyed the event and made some new friends.



On the 9th of March 2016, Nine of our pupils went to McLaren High school  to take part in a gymnastics competition. Eight primary schools took part and Sixteen teams attended all.  Our teams were 2nd and 3rd to  do our routines. We didn't come 1st but we had fun making up the routines and attending the event. 

Sports Committee
Sports Day
On the 17th of  June 2016 we are having a sports day and any friends or family are welcome to come and watch.  There will be loads of different races like the egg and spoon race, late for the train, the spider race, the obstacle race and the flat race. It will be a great day.

Sports Committee

On the 27th April and the 4th May P5-7 went Curling at the Peak. Before we started they told us some safety rules e.g., don't  walk backwards on the ice, don't run and if a curling stone is going towards someone shout ice. At first they taught us how to use brushes then basic positions. We practised using a curling stone and then played a little game. We also got to meet a local Olympian curler called Michael Goodfellow. Everyone had a great time.    

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


On the the 9th of June some pupils from Kincardine went to an Athletics competition at McLaren High School. Each pupil had to do an event like 100m, 200m, 600m, Shot putt and long Jump. We also had a 2nd place in Shot Putt. Everyone enjoyed themselves even if they didn't win a medal.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Kapalamula Primary have now got their chicks. They have 40 little chicks and the food that they need for them. They are very cute!

Winners of RHET Haggis Competition
We recently entered a competition with the Royal Highland Education Trust where we have to come up with our own design of haggis. We were to put a twist to our haggis, so we decided to do our haggis with an Indian twist. We were invited to a final on Monday the 25th of January where we sent our recipe to Forth Valley Collage and they made our haggis and the judges tasted it and decided that we won the competition. We were also given an award for best recipe idea. We were given a shield for winning!

Gymnastics competition
On the 26th of January, 8 pupils (Caitlin, Charlotte, Kirsty, Camryn, Isla, Kirsty R, Myrn and Gavin) from the school went to a Gymnastics Competition. At the competition, they had to do the vault and a floor routine. Their routines had six gymnastic moves in them. Kirsty Fotheringham received silver.

Primary 5 swimming
On the 25th of January, P5 started their swimming at the Peak in Stirling. They are going two afternoons a week for the rest of the term.

School Burns Competition
Everyone in school had to learn a Scots poem to recite at the Burns competition.  We had a wide range of poems. The winners of the 2016 competition were…..
P1- Ethan Bauer- Mince and Tatties
P3/4- Kirsty Rodger- The Sore Tooth
P5- Mary Kealey- A Dug, A Dug
P6- Kirsty Fotheringham- My Love is like a Red Red Rose
P7- Flora Duff- Address to a Haggis

On the 16th on December, the whole school did a performance called the McTivity, a Nativity in Scots. There were 8 narrators, 4 kings, 4 Innkeepers, 1 Angel, 1 Guard and Mary and Joseph. We learnt lots of new songs. We all enjoyed ourselves and we hope you did too.

Recipe Book
In November 2015 our school decided to make a recipe book for our Christmas enterprise project. Everyone in school brought their own family recipe to put in the cooking book and we asked for recipes from the community. We used a company called The Cookbook Initiative and it was all done on the internet.  It was such a success that we sold out of the recipe books very quickly. We hope everyone enjoys trying some new

Cross Country Event


Recently the P5-7 went to an Active Stirling event in Aberfoyle. Everyone did really well and finished in a good time. P6-7 are looking forward to the regional cross country event in February.