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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Science Workshop

On Monday the 2nd of March, we had a science workshop called "Party at the Perils". It was all about how to keep safe around gases, electricity and bacteria.
It started off everyone had moved house and they were fitting their boiler and gas cooker. They needed help so they called Dr Sort It. He explained how there were lots of problems in their house such as:
  • The radio in the bathroom
  • The medicine under the sink
  • The toilet brush in the sink
  • The polish in front of the fire
  • The loose plug in front of the fire
  • The foil around the microwave
All these thing are very dangerous because of gases mixing with fire, water and electricity. So Dr Sort It put everything right. But the son of the family (Eryle) still did not understand how all the gases mixed and how it is dangerous. So they called in "Professor Whizz Bang" and she did an experiment using all the different gases. She explained how solids stay the same, liquids stay the same but changes shape and gases change to fill the space it is in.
Then at the end everyone was happy and the Peril's had their PARTY!!!


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