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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Edinburgh Castle
On the 4th of March, the P4-7s went to Edinburgh Castle. The purpose  of the trip was to learn some more Gaelic.
Bright and early on Wednesday morning , we all went on a long bus journey. We were all so happy when we finally caught our first glimpse of the castle. We all climbed up the step. When we finally got to the top we met our tour guide, Anne. At the start she just tested our Gaelic skills then we got going!
Firstly we went to see the canons. We were even lucky enough to see the one o'clock gun! Then we got to see the older canons they were very interesting.
Next Anne took us to see St Margaret's Chapel. David the 1st built it in memory of his mother (Margaret) because apparently she was a very nice person. She also told us that anyone in the world can get married there. Next to the Chapel there was a dogs cemetery it was very sad.
Next she took us to the rooms that Mary Queen of Scots lived in. Mary Queen of Scots decided to live there because she felt safe from people. In that room there was a very scary picture that followed you around the room!
Then we heard a story about a prisoner that tried to escape from the castle. He had a disgusting plan. In the prison, there was no toilet so everyone to do the toilet on the floor and it was a guards job to clean it up. So this prisoner decided to hide in the wheel barrow of poo. But that day he thought the barrow was too heavy so couldn't be bothered to take it all the way down to the yard, so instead he chucked it out of the window and the prisoner in the poo barrow died!
After lunch, we got to go and see the 1 o'clock gun. It was really loud and a little bit scary. The day was great and we learnt a lot!

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