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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Science Workshop

On Monday the 2nd of March, we had a science workshop called "Party at the Perils". It was all about how to keep safe around gases, electricity and bacteria.
It started off everyone had moved house and they were fitting their boiler and gas cooker. They needed help so they called Dr Sort It. He explained how there were lots of problems in their house such as:
  • The radio in the bathroom
  • The medicine under the sink
  • The toilet brush in the sink
  • The polish in front of the fire
  • The loose plug in front of the fire
  • The foil around the microwave
All these thing are very dangerous because of gases mixing with fire, water and electricity. So Dr Sort It put everything right. But the son of the family (Eryle) still did not understand how all the gases mixed and how it is dangerous. So they called in "Professor Whizz Bang" and she did an experiment using all the different gases. She explained how solids stay the same, liquids stay the same but changes shape and gases change to fill the space it is in.
Then at the end everyone was happy and the Peril's had their PARTY!!!


Health Week

On the 2nd of February we had a Health Week. We had it to keep us all fit and healthy we also tried new sports like American football and indoor curling. They were very good fun and interesting to learn. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we had healthy tuck shop and every morning we did a run or walk.


On Monday morning we all went outside to do a
run or walk around the school. We also had talk
from a theatre nurse called Arlene. She came to
help us look after our bodies and keep them healthy 
she also told us all about plaster of paris (a 
plaster cast.) Then in the afternoon we had Claire from
Active Stirling who brought the Earthballs for us play games
with. Earthballs are massive inflatable balls. It was very good
fun and enjoyable.


In the morning a Primary 6 and a Primary 7 went to cross country and did very well. Whilst the rest of the school did a skeleton task . Then when they came back we went into our clans and planned Ready Steady Cook for Friday. Each clan got a budget of £5.00 and we had to decide what we were going to make from the list we were given, and make sure it fitted our budget.  


On Wednesday morning we went for our walk or run. Then we started to get ready for Healthy Tuck shop and we did really well. Next we did hand washing session and then we made posters and instructions on how to wash your hands. We started by watching a video then we all went and washed our hands following it video. Next we did indoor curling in our class room! Then after lunch we had American football with Matt.


In the morning we did a run or walk. Then we had a supply teacher and we did some fruit  art. The primary 4,5,6 & 7 all did a bowl of fruit and the primary 1,2 & 3 made 3D water melons.


In the morning we did a walk or run. Then we went down to the hall to set up the obstacle course. After that we came back and did healthy tuck shop. Then we went back down to the hall and did the obstacle course it was very fun. Then it was time for.........READY STEADY COOK! We all went back into our clans and prepared our food first we got our trays of food that we bought and then we got some extras. Then finally we plated up the judges were our cook and our minister. The winner was.................DOUGLAS!
Our health week was really fun and we hope to do it again sometime.


 Healthy Tuck-Shop
Healthy Tuck-shop will be on every Wednesday and Friday in P 5-7. We will be selling a range of different healthy snacks from 10p- 50p. Look out for our special promotions!!
Lots of nice things to buy!

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Buddy Training

On the 21st of April, the Primary sixes went to Doune Primary school to do some important buddy training. A lady called Miss Paterson held the event. Four schools took part in this event(Doune, Deanston, Thornhill and Kincardine-in-Menteith).
At buddy training you play and learn about social skills. We did a variety of different activities that developed our confidence.
Think Dance
On the 28th of April 2015 the Primary 4 - 7's did Think Dance. To be able to do Think Dance Primary 4 - 7 had to work hard to come up with a dance and practise our dance almost every day. We only had 5 weeks to come with a dance and perfect it. It was definetly worth it though. 
On the morning of the performance we went to the Macrobert for a practice so we knew what we were doing that night at the performance.
Before we went on stage everyone was a bit nervous. Once we were on stage everyones' nerves disappeared and everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves. Here is a picture of everyone just before we went on stage. It went very well.