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Thursday, 19 November 2015

School Chickens

The chickens arrived at school on the 19th of October.  The Duff family were taking care of the chickens for a couple of weeks so that they were used to having children and other chickens around them.

That day, Mrs Duff kindly came into our school with the chickens to help us get them settled in. We all helped with the chickens including:

Doing the bedding for the chickens

Filling up the water

Filling up the food

Putting oyster shells outside in a corner for calcium

Spreading mite powder under the bedding

And making sure the chickens are well and happy!

Our Chickens!

We have been very lucky to have got lots of help from everybody to get us started. We have enjoyed working with the staff and students from Camphill to build our fence. Gerry and Mrs Duff are very knowledgeable about chickens.


 New Hoodies

We have been very lucky that the Parent council have provided us all with new school hoodies. We are very happy to have them to wear for school events so that people around us can know that we are representing our school. The hoodies are bright red and look very smart. We have had the chance to wear them to recent sporting events.


Netball Festival

On the 22nd of October, Primary 5 – 7 went to a netball festival at McLaren Leisure Centre in Callander. It was 4 o’clock until 6 o’clock after school. Both teams won a game against another school.  Everyone looked very smart in their new netball skirts or shorts that were bought for us by the Parent Council. We enjoyed the competition and are looking forward to some more games in the spring.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Internet Safety

On the 11th of September, P6-7 went to Thornhill to see a drama workshop on internet safety. We were there for the afternoon. We played games, asked questions and thought whether the internet is safe. We learnt a lot about internet safety and everyone feels more confident on the internet.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Camphill Visit

On the 15th of September, the whole school went on a school trip to Camphill for the morning. We got there by bus and went inside to this huge room to ask some questions to Jerry about chickens. Jerry is a person who works at Camphill.
 About a week before we went to Camphill, Jerry came to visit our school because he was interested to know about our chicken project. He loved the idea and asked us if we would like to go and visit Camphill because they have chickens too.
When we got there, everyone was so excited and couldn't believe how big Camphill was. It was a really good day and everyone loved seeing the chickens. We got to hold, feed and collect the chickens eggs when we were in the hen pen. And whilst we were looking at the chickens, we saw some pigs and piglets!
Everybody loved the day and would like to go again.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Just a quick reminder to tell you that it is 'Go yellow Day' tomorrow.  You will need to bring £1.00 and  wear some yellow. We are going to raise money for Strathcarron Hospice. If you can't wear yellow then don't worry, just bring your pound and you can just wear your own clothes.
                 Thank you

Monday, 1 June 2015

We are looking for any donations for the Summer Fayre we would really appreciate if you could donate some things for stalls like our bric a brac and cake and candy stall.  We are looking for
anything for the bric a brac apart from clothes and shoes. Any donations of cake and candy would be much appreciated.  Thank you for your help.
Summer Fayre
Kincardine in Menteith Primary School are having a Summer Fayre. To raise money for our chicken project with Kapalamula Primary School in Malawi. Feel free to come along here are the details:
Location: Kincardine in Menteith Primary School
Date: Friday 12th June 2015
Time: 1:30-3:00pm
Stalls: Plants, sweets, brick 'a' brac, tea and coffee, games and lots more!

On the 21st and 22nd May  Primary 5-7 got the chance to achieve their Bikeability Scotland level 1 badge and certificate. We all brought our bikes to school to use them for Bikeability and any who didn't have a bike or their bike was broken they borrowed one from our instructor Neil. The reason he had so many bikes was because he works for Recycle-a-Bike.
On Thursday we learnt how to do an M-check on our bikes. When we had learnt how to do an M-check we tried one on our own bikes.
After our M-checks we checked our helmets were tight enough by making sure our helmets didn't fall off if we didn't have the strap off. Then we made sure that we could fit two fingers between our chin and our strap. Also if your strap can go over your chin it is too loose.
Then we played some Games. Here is some of the games we played:
- Square of doom
- The high five game

We all enjoyed the sessions and are looking forward to having a chance to do level 2.

On Friday 5th June we will be having a “Go Yellow Day” for Starthcarron hospice. We are asking everyone to wear something yellow and donate £1. We will also have an Assembly lead by the Pupil Council on Friday afternoon.

Pupil council

Monday, 25 May 2015

Diary Dates

Wed 20th May
School Photos
Thurs 21st May
Bikeability for P5-7s
Fri 22nd May
Bikeability for P5-7s
Wed 27th May
Track and Field Event for P6+7s
All day
Wed 27th May
Parent Information Evening at McLaren High
Thurs 28th May
P7 Induction Day at McLaren High
All day
Fri 29th May
P7 Sports day at McLaren High
All day
Fri 5th June
Go Yellow Day: Details to follow
All day
Fri 12th June
Sports day followed by picnic
Fri 12th June
School Summer Fayre
Wed 17th June
P7 Ceilidh at McLaren High
Wed 24th June
End of Term Service

Thursday, 14 May 2015


On the 13th of May 2015 a lady called Mhairi came to do drama with  us and Deanston and Thornhill Primary Schools. At the start we all played some games to get to know each other. Then we spoke about different words like anxious, depression and stressed. We played lots of really fun games then she told us about mindfulness. She told us that Mindfulness means settling your mind and making things in your mind less manic and crazy. Then we went for our break.
Then we went back to the Drama teacher and we did some more games then we started a play. The play was about mindfulness and how people always try to be what other people want them to be and  how things can become stressful and scary.
In the afternoon we did some relaxing things to get us ready to do our play again. Then did a performance of it to the teachers.
Netball Festival
On the 13th of May 2015, 7 pupils from our school went  to a netball festival at the Peak that was organised by Active Stirling. We played against four other teams and won our first game. It was great to play against some other teams.  

The overall winners were Fintry.

The Team

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Science Workshop

On Monday the 2nd of March, we had a science workshop called "Party at the Perils". It was all about how to keep safe around gases, electricity and bacteria.
It started off everyone had moved house and they were fitting their boiler and gas cooker. They needed help so they called Dr Sort It. He explained how there were lots of problems in their house such as:
  • The radio in the bathroom
  • The medicine under the sink
  • The toilet brush in the sink
  • The polish in front of the fire
  • The loose plug in front of the fire
  • The foil around the microwave
All these thing are very dangerous because of gases mixing with fire, water and electricity. So Dr Sort It put everything right. But the son of the family (Eryle) still did not understand how all the gases mixed and how it is dangerous. So they called in "Professor Whizz Bang" and she did an experiment using all the different gases. She explained how solids stay the same, liquids stay the same but changes shape and gases change to fill the space it is in.
Then at the end everyone was happy and the Peril's had their PARTY!!!


Health Week

On the 2nd of February we had a Health Week. We had it to keep us all fit and healthy we also tried new sports like American football and indoor curling. They were very good fun and interesting to learn. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we had healthy tuck shop and every morning we did a run or walk.


On Monday morning we all went outside to do a
run or walk around the school. We also had talk
from a theatre nurse called Arlene. She came to
help us look after our bodies and keep them healthy 
she also told us all about plaster of paris (a 
plaster cast.) Then in the afternoon we had Claire from
Active Stirling who brought the Earthballs for us play games
with. Earthballs are massive inflatable balls. It was very good
fun and enjoyable.


In the morning a Primary 6 and a Primary 7 went to cross country and did very well. Whilst the rest of the school did a skeleton task . Then when they came back we went into our clans and planned Ready Steady Cook for Friday. Each clan got a budget of £5.00 and we had to decide what we were going to make from the list we were given, and make sure it fitted our budget.  


On Wednesday morning we went for our walk or run. Then we started to get ready for Healthy Tuck shop and we did really well. Next we did hand washing session and then we made posters and instructions on how to wash your hands. We started by watching a video then we all went and washed our hands following it video. Next we did indoor curling in our class room! Then after lunch we had American football with Matt.


In the morning we did a run or walk. Then we had a supply teacher and we did some fruit  art. The primary 4,5,6 & 7 all did a bowl of fruit and the primary 1,2 & 3 made 3D water melons.


In the morning we did a walk or run. Then we went down to the hall to set up the obstacle course. After that we came back and did healthy tuck shop. Then we went back down to the hall and did the obstacle course it was very fun. Then it was time for.........READY STEADY COOK! We all went back into our clans and prepared our food first we got our trays of food that we bought and then we got some extras. Then finally we plated up the judges were our cook and our minister. The winner was.................DOUGLAS!
Our health week was really fun and we hope to do it again sometime.


 Healthy Tuck-Shop
Healthy Tuck-shop will be on every Wednesday and Friday in P 5-7. We will be selling a range of different healthy snacks from 10p- 50p. Look out for our special promotions!!
Lots of nice things to buy!

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Buddy Training

On the 21st of April, the Primary sixes went to Doune Primary school to do some important buddy training. A lady called Miss Paterson held the event. Four schools took part in this event(Doune, Deanston, Thornhill and Kincardine-in-Menteith).
At buddy training you play and learn about social skills. We did a variety of different activities that developed our confidence.
Think Dance
On the 28th of April 2015 the Primary 4 - 7's did Think Dance. To be able to do Think Dance Primary 4 - 7 had to work hard to come up with a dance and practise our dance almost every day. We only had 5 weeks to come with a dance and perfect it. It was definetly worth it though. 
On the morning of the performance we went to the Macrobert for a practice so we knew what we were doing that night at the performance.
Before we went on stage everyone was a bit nervous. Once we were on stage everyones' nerves disappeared and everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves. Here is a picture of everyone just before we went on stage. It went very well.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Edinburgh Castle
On the 4th of March, the P4-7s went to Edinburgh Castle. The purpose  of the trip was to learn some more Gaelic.
Bright and early on Wednesday morning , we all went on a long bus journey. We were all so happy when we finally caught our first glimpse of the castle. We all climbed up the step. When we finally got to the top we met our tour guide, Anne. At the start she just tested our Gaelic skills then we got going!
Firstly we went to see the canons. We were even lucky enough to see the one o'clock gun! Then we got to see the older canons they were very interesting.
Next Anne took us to see St Margaret's Chapel. David the 1st built it in memory of his mother (Margaret) because apparently she was a very nice person. She also told us that anyone in the world can get married there. Next to the Chapel there was a dogs cemetery it was very sad.
Next she took us to the rooms that Mary Queen of Scots lived in. Mary Queen of Scots decided to live there because she felt safe from people. In that room there was a very scary picture that followed you around the room!
Then we heard a story about a prisoner that tried to escape from the castle. He had a disgusting plan. In the prison, there was no toilet so everyone to do the toilet on the floor and it was a guards job to clean it up. So this prisoner decided to hide in the wheel barrow of poo. But that day he thought the barrow was too heavy so couldn't be bothered to take it all the way down to the yard, so instead he chucked it out of the window and the prisoner in the poo barrow died!
After lunch, we got to go and see the 1 o'clock gun. It was really loud and a little bit scary. The day was great and we learnt a lot!

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Marine Conservation Society
On the 23rd of January Kincardine-in-Menteith Primary School had a surprise visit from The Marine Conservation Society who contacted us through Deep Sea World. They came to tell us about leatherback turtles. We also learnt about lots of other marine animals. The people who did the presentation were called Matt and Catherine. Leatherback turtles and Loggerhead turtles are the only turtles that come to Scotland. We also learnt that turtle eggs are a delicacy in different parts of the world. The presentation was very interesting. 

We hope that they come again soon!

Burns Celebration


Burns Day

On the 23rd of January 2015 our school had a Burns day to celebrate Robert Burns. We started off by having a Burns Supper of haggis, neeps and tatties it was delicious.
After lunch we had a Burns Assembly and we started off with a PowerPoint about Robert Burns presented by the Primary 7's then we all said our poems here is a list of what everyone did:

Junior Class

Primary 1: Jack and Jill
Primary 2: Mince and Tatties
Primary 3: Doctor
Primary 4: Too messy for Nessie/Fireworks aff the castle

Senior Class

Primary 5: Up in the morning early/Divine service in the kirk of Lamington
Primary 6: Scots wha hae/A parting kiss/A red red rose
Primary 7: A red red rose/My heart's in the highlands/Up in the morning early
After we had finished all the poems were done the senior class sang the traditional version of Auld Lang Syne then the teachers went off to decide who won out of each year group. Whilst they were decided we each got a taste of Irn-Bru and a piece of shortbread!

Here are our winners: